All of their own: Pyshechnaya on the Black River

In a big city there is always a place for authentic establishments, where, on the one hand, it is "strange", but tasty and cheap. They are not in the tourist routes, and knowing about them, you can consider yourself local. Find them helps word of mouth or friends. Life around continues the heading "All of its own", where the townspeople show the editors such places. In the new issue - “Pyshechnaya” on the embankment of the Chernaya Rechka, which Marina Kolbakova, co-owner of the Soap Squirrel store, told us about.

Cafe "Pyshechnaya"

Black River Emb., 2

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10: 00-20: 00,
Sun .: 11: 00-20: 00, seven days a week

Marina Kolbakova

co-owner of the soap soap store

Pyshechnaya is a stone's throw from the Chernaya Rechka metro station. It does not differ in its refined interior: several tables that remind of the dining rooms of the times of the Soviet Union, it is not clear why there is a refrigerator installed in the hall for visitors. Pay attention to jigsaw puzzles hanging everywhere, under each of which there is a note with verses about the delicious donuts that are prepared here. Employees themselves come up with it, it’s touching. Behind the mysterious door with the words "Shoes" is the restroom, locked with a key. He should be asked from a woman at the counter.

Food and drink

The menu is very diverse. Regular visitors equally often take both pancakes and crumpets. One thing costs only 13 rubles, and more than 100-130 rubles per person, my friends and I never managed to leave here. You can’t choose the ingredients for the pancake, but you can, for example, ask to throw more greens, they will not refuse. There is one strange Pancake Fitness dish on the menu. I don’t know in what sense it is fitness: it contains a lot of mushrooms and other nutritious ingredients, saturates for several hours.

For some reason, they put a plastic knife in tea - apparently, it’s more convenient.



Owners and staff

As far as I know, lush here for a long time, almost 20 years. And for a long time many leaders have been replaced. I do not know who the owner of this establishment is now, but he is affectionately and respectfully called the "chef". To say that there is good service is to say nothing. Even donuts are put on a few pieces more than paid. Such is humanitarian aid to regular visitors.


I used to be here often, my standard route runs just through the Black River. Taking the opportunity, I always have lunch or take donuts by myself. Different people come here - grandmothers, students, and families with children. These are mainly residents of neighboring houses. Students often bring their nonresident parents here, at one table you can see a young man and an adult lady in a jumper and hat. But this is not the place where I come to chat.

Donut - 13 rubles; Brewed coffee - 40 rubles; Pancake with ham - 60 rubles

Excerpts from the menu

Simple pancake
35 rub

Signature pancake
92 rub

Fitness pancake
88 rub

Pancake with jam
50 rub

Cheese pancake
65 rub

13 rub

Tea "Greenfield"
30 rub

55 rub

If you want to share your place with the editors and become the hero of the column, then send an email to [email protected] marked "All your own."

Photos: Dima Tsyrenshchikov


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