On the street Rubinstein earned a wine bar Crazy Wine

On Rubinstein Street, on the site of the Sardina restaurant, the Crazy Wine bar was launched. This is a new project of the restaurant holding ReCa (Punk Brew, Manneken Pis). His representatives told Life around the details of the establishment.

Crazy wine

Address: st. Rubinstein, 6/8

Working hours: 14: 00-01: 00, on Fridays
and saturdays until 03:00


Beef tartare - 390 rubles

Bruschetta with tomatoes and basil -
220 rubles

Bruschetta with crab and avocado - 420 rubles

Pinch with venison - 100 rubles

Pinch with parma and onion confit - 80 rubles


Salad with eggplant and feta cream -
290 rubles

Mix salad with chicken liver - 320 rubles

Salad with crab, avocado and poached egg -
590 rubles


Pumpkin soup with coconut milk -
270 rubles

Duck soup with buckwheat noodles and shiitake - 350 rubles

Shrimp Tom Yam - 450 rubles

Main dishes

Cheese risotto with turkey liver -
390 rubles

Dim Sum with vegetables and glass mushrooms - 340 rubles

Marbled Beef Burger -
490 rubles

Duck leg confit with bulgur -
720 rubles

Beef steak with mushrooms - 790 rubles

Mussels in white wine with thyme -
520 rubles

Idea: The bar’s wine list contains more than a hundred varieties of wines (from 840 rubles per bottle), of which about 25 are poured into glasses (from 140 rubles). The menu consists of more than half of snacks: pinchos (20 different types are offered here), two types of cheese plate for white and red wine (460-490 rubles) and bruschetta. The menu also has more satisfying dishes: salads, several non-banal soups like pumpkin soup with coconut milk and almonds (270 rubles), two types of pasta (360-420 rubles), risotto and a selection of hot dishes, which includes a burger, dim sum and steaks of fish and meat.

Interior: The institution consists of three halls, designed for 100 seats and decorated in an eclectic style: there is partially open brickwork, graffiti on the walls, and designer furniture in the spirit of neo-futurism of the 70s.

Watch the video: First Person 2016: Irene Weiss (April 2020).

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