New Location: Let It Bar

Let It Bar on Fontanka is the embodiment of a textbook story about three friends who always dreamed of their own bar. Owners Alexei Bordyug, Renat Rakhimov and Vadim Kozlov used to work on television, and when opening their own place, they were guided exclusively by personal ideas about the ideal drinking establishment - with a huge bar counter, interesting cuisine and not too expensive alcohol.

Let It Bar is open from one o'clock in the afternoon and is largely designed for those who want to dine: the menu is several times larger than in most of the small bars in the city, and the kitchen is headed by Yaroslav Medvedev, the former chief of the Regatta restaurant. The menus are still being tested, but most of the items will definitely be on the permanent card - among them beef steak with pepper sauce, fried camembert with fruit salsa, sea bass cooked in white wine, salmon tartare with avocado, lentil cream soup with bacon and rosemary oil. In the future, there will be a couple more hot dishes and snacks for beer, and in the afternoon a special lunch offer will be valid (now all positions are given at a 20% discount from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.).

The bar card in Let It Bar is also under development. We have already decided on five types of draft beer: one tap was given for craft production of domestic production (now it is Laughing Sam from the Bakunin boutique), the other under El London Pride, the Belgian camp Blanche De Bruxelles, the Scottish Belhaven and the camp for 140 rubles. Owners also collect a collection of bottled beer from different countries. Simple longs like gin and tonic cost 200 rubles in Let It Bar, more complex cocktails - classic and some signature cocktails - 300 rubles each.

The basement, where Let It Bar is located, was previously occupied by 9Pub, which worked for several years and was closed for unknown reasons. From past tenants, the new place got a red booth at the entrance and a brick ceiling, everything else had to be redone. As a result, about 50 people are accommodated in two halls, united by one bar counter - you can sit at the classic tables and wooden racks, which were made to order.

Alexey Bordyug


Since we are not a nightclub, we plan to close at four in the nights on weekends. We do not have DJs, but there is a piano on which it is not forbidden to play. Among friends there are many serious musicians, we will shift tables and invite them. In addition, a series of master classes with bartenders from other institutions is planned.

Pumpkin cream soup with coriander, shrimp and cherry tomatoes - 210 rublesFried Camembert cheese with fruit salsa and Parma ham - 290 rubles
Beef steak with pepper sauce - 690 rubles


Excerpts from the menu

Crostini with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes or
with salmon and tomato cancase
130/180 rubles

Grilled Camembert with Fruit Salsa
and Parma ham
290 rubles

Salmon pasta in tomato and cream sauce with anise
360 rubles

Beef steak with pepper sauce
690 rubles

Beef stroganoff with crushed potatoes and cheddar cheese
390 rubles

Pumpkin cream soup with coriander, shrimp and cherry tomatoes
210 rubles

Duck soup with buckwheat noodles and vegetables
310 rubles

Homemade salad with vegetables and feta cheese
210 rubles

Beer Blanche De Bruxelles
240 rubles

Beer Belhaven
240 rubles

100 rubles

Berry Sauce Cheesecake
240 rubles

Bar Let It Bar

Nab. Fontanka, 9

Tel: +7 (812) 570 32 46

Opening hours: from 13:00 until the last customer

Photos: Dima Tsyrenshchikov

Watch the video: Filming location: New Yorks Fillet of Soul bar in Live and Let Die. (April 2020).

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