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Life around continues to tell how people of different professions earn and spend money. The new release is hostesses. Traditionally, young, attractive and sociable girls are needed in this position. They need not only to meet visitors to the institution, but also to monitor the reserve tables, resolve conflicts and maintain a base of regular guests. Sometimes girls arrange hostesses for the opportunity to get acquainted with a wealthy man. Relationships with customers can develop into a romantic or take other forms. So, the blogger Anastasia Ivleeva told the show “VDud” that she received a million rubles from a guest of the club where she worked as a hostess. We learned from a girl with many years of experience working in Moscow institutions, what kind of appearance is needed to become a hostess, is it easy to make the necessary acquaintances, and how much they pay for a ten-hour work day on their feet.




60 000-85 000 rubles


20 000-23 000 rubles


5 000 rubles


5 000 rubles


16 000-20 000 rubles

Personal care

10 000-20 000 rubles


5 000-15 000 rubles

Other expenses

Young and energetic

Now I am 28 years old, I got into the restaurant business at 16, when I just graduated from high school and entered the institute. I just walked along the street, saw a beautiful building with lighting, came in and said that I want to get a job here. The next day I was offered an interview with the manager. It so happened that the person who met me then, the head waiter, then taught me many important things in work.

Since I was a minor, they only took me as an assistant to the waiter. I had simple duties - to grate devices, to arrange dishes evenly. But I myself was interested to study the serving, to find out why what kind of devices are needed, as different glasses are called. I was young and energetic, so I worked as an assistant to the waiter for three days, and already replaced the fourth hostess with the fourth. In that restaurant, the head waiter kept the guest base, and all the main responsibilities were on him, because it seemed to me that the hostess was doing nothing special.

For some time I worked as a waitress, but it’s a titanic work, my health just couldn’t stand it. At some point, the guests who went to our restaurant noticed my work. They opened their institution and they called me there as a hostess. I really liked working - communicating, being surrounded by people, living in a holiday atmosphere and bringing it to others. So, soon I switched to the evening department, and later to the correspondence department. But still I got a law degree, then I even entered the second higher, but did not finish my studies.

Beauty on all counts

When the hostess first called me to a premium restaurant, I was in shock. I’m not at all in their format: growth below 170 centimeters, loupe-eyed, fair-haired, curly-haired. And there the girls are on the selection - tall, bright, black-haired. At that time, my colleagues advised me to buy high-heeled shoes and a platform. There are even brands that many hostesses wear: Nando Muzi, Loriblu, Casadei. The last ones were especially suitable for me - I just fly on heels of 14 centimeters.

Already when a girl comes for an interview, managers look at the appearance. They have a certain checklist in which they mark some points. Based on the results of a coincidence or discrepancy with this checklist, they say either “We will call you back” or “Come out for an internship tomorrow”. The criteria are different everywhere: somewhere you need everything natural, and somewhere you take a hostess with huge lips, made breasts and hair extensions to the waist. Sometimes different types are specially recruited so that it is black and white. If before you always needed very thin hostesses everywhere and we tried to meet this standard, now big priests are in fashion, and girls with uniforms have been invited to work in restaurants.

Sometimes very beautiful girls came, and when my mouth opens, my mother is a woman! We joked: "Natasha, lower your neckline lower and just stand, you don’t even have to say anything"

They definitely won’t take the girl rude and rude, without a culture of speech. When you talk with your colleagues - other hostesses, waiters, chefs, you can swear and shout. Sometimes very beautiful girls came, and when my mouth opens, my mother is a woman! We joked: "Natasha, lower your neckline lower and just stand there, you don’t even have to say anything."

There are certain requirements for the appearance at work. We allow nails of a natural shade and not too long, earrings are allowed only cloves, light makeup is required. But there are places where the girls, by the rules, go out in full war paint: with arrows to the ears and with red lipstick.

In one institution where I worked before the crisis, management allocated money for shoes and uniforms for each hostess. It is not necessary that everyone be like from an incubator, there is simply some common theme and color, and clothes can be chosen to fit your type of figure and style. For example, for some people, high-waisted trousers are more suitable, for some people they want a mini skirt, and for others a midi. I am generally for a more strict style in clothes and always work with collected hair. As the saying goes, a woman should be dressed so that she wants to undress. And when the legs are open, and the chest, and the arrows, and the hair is loose - this is already too much. Now we have a simple form: white blouses or shirts, black skirts - we all buy with our own money.

I'm standing by the restaurant

I have already worked in more than ten institutions. Somewhere I got a job in a state, somewhere I went out only for a replacement. Once I even quit my job at a premium restaurant due to one of the guests' too intrusive attention and got into a club. But there you are standing in a draft with a walkie-talkie. And the team was already formed, it turned out that I came to a new place with my charter. So when they called me back, I happily returned. Now I work in a network project: in one network institution constantly and in several others, where they also pay more, I can replace them.

A hostess is not only to stand at the entrance of a beautiful place and say hello to guests. We often do not even have time to drink water - there is simply no time. Somehow I met more than 500 guests from one in the afternoon to seven in the evening. It happens that we spend ten hours on our feet. The responsibilities of hostesses are competent seating of guests, maintaining a deposit system, reserve tables. We have security officers who do not allow conflicts, but if something went wrong, then sorting out this is also the responsibility of the hostess. We monitor the order in the room, answer the phone. A lot depends on a polite, positive and smiling hostess. If there are no empty seats, you can offer to wait at the bar, but to do it very culturally. Even if the kitchen failed, the waiters carried dishes for a long time, then the hostess can properly meet and conduct guests, and they will not have a negative impression of the place.

We often don’t even have time to drink water - just once

I know all our regular guests, keep track of who does what, in what area works, and remember even the most complex names and surnames. Some may distort them, but I think this is a very big disrespect for our guests. Typically, business people visit a restaurant at the same time on the same days. The hostess can remember this, so that by the time the guest arrives, the table is free and ready.

Of course, we have not only wonderful, well-mannered people. There are those who find out that there are no empty seats, they start shouting: "Give me a table, otherwise I'll order you!" Here it is necessary to keep the perfect balance: you do not fall to the level of boors, but you do not give yourself an insult. This is the art of communication.

Trick or treat

Many girls come for the purse hunt. We have our own chat hostesses, where we communicate and discuss everything related to work: where the salary is delayed for half a year, where there is dirt and mess in the kitchen. Naturally, we are aware of which institutions are notorious. In Moscow, there are places where it’s better not to go even as a guest, not to work, because rumor will go right away that you are “shooting”. Somehow I came to replace in such a place, and there the men look at you like they have the price tag on your forehead.

We, the restaurant workers, know a lot: who came with whom and who left. There is some public person who in all interviews says that he is an exemplary family man. And on Tuesday and Thursday he comes with his wife and children, and on Wednesday and Friday - with stunning girls of model appearance. I think that it makes no sense to contact such people. And once you meet someone for money or an expensive gift, you’ll ruin your reputation forever. The same people go to all restaurants, they communicate with each other and tell who is ready for such meetings and who is not. I know girls who rent a room with their grandmother in South Butovo, but then they suddenly have expensive phones, Louis Vuitton handbags. What can I say: "Successfully married, you definitely won’t get married, dear!"

Once you meet someone for money or an expensive gift, you’ll ruin your reputation forever.

I myself do not meet at work and do not leave my phone. There is a great excuse: "I already have a beloved man." I spoke so often, even when I had no one and I spent all nights with a telephone in my hands near the door of the restaurant. Somehow I met a man, but not during my shift. He went to our institution, but only approached when he saw me in another place where I was resting. For a long time we just talked and made friends, and only then relations began. The eldest hostess from the restaurant where I worked, married a very rich man. Somehow I could not come because of the exam and asked her to replace me. She felt bad, arrived with a bunch, unpainted - and on that day she met her future husband.

Once I made a big mistake: I met a man, began to live with him and left the restaurant for some time. But soon I felt heavy and bored without work: you cook, wash the dishes, wash, iron - and that’s all. He was against my work, and we had to leave.


Now they pay 2,500 rubles per shift, but in restaurants where I go to replace, I can get from 2,800 to 3 thousand rubles. In general, the highest rate I've heard of is 3,500 per shift. Now tariffs have fallen dramatically, for example, in 2013 they paid from 2,800 rubles and always left a tip. The guest will sit, then he will come up and ask you to hand over the documents to the person who will call in an hour later and put $ 100 to us. Now no one is eating. And premium establishments are losing ground: people count money and go to the middle segment.

You can work at least every day, and I did so while I was younger. Could after another shift in the afternoon go for another part-time job - as an administrator in a beauty salon. Now I value my time more and want to spend it on myself. In addition to the salary, I also have additional income - I sell things through Instagram. This may be another plus 10-20 thousand rubles, depending on demand. So I get from 60 to 80 thousand.

Many hostesses have additional ways to earn money, and this is not necessarily an escort. For example, I know girls who sell tables. A man comes, and she tells him: “All tables are reserved, but I could, of course, try to do something. There is one table, but you have to pay for it right away.” But in fact, there are empty tables. If the restaurant management finds out about this, then they are fired, because no one wants their guests to be deceived and the money allowed to go past the cash register.

Many hostesses have additional ways to earn money, and this is not necessarily an escort.

I know one hostess, she is 21 years old, but she constantly finds ways to earn extra money. She stands at the entrance with a sad look, some man will talk to her, and she says: "This is the mood today, I want you to give flowers!" He will go across the road to the tent, buy a bouquet for her, and when the guest leaves, she runs into this tent and returns the flowers. There is already an agreement with the saleswoman: for example, there is a bouquet of 10 thousand, she returns it and gets 5 thousand in her hands, and the saleswoman is an opportunity to sell it to someone again and also earn extra money.

Somehow this girl worked on the veranda in the summer, and in the late afternoon it is cool there. Her man asked if she was cold, and she replied: "It’s very cold, if only someone would have warmed." Maybe he thought about something else, but she already ran to the manager, took half an hour, and dragged this man to the store where he bought her a jacket. He paid with his card, I don’t know how she agreed there, but the next day she also somehow managed to return part of the money.

I also had such a person in life who gave me a lot of money, but at the same time did not even hold my hand. Of course, not a million, like Nastya Ivleeva, but the amount is also decent - 330 thousand rubles. He drove me from one restaurant to another. Our bartenders joked that he would soon break a tent next to him, and I said that he would rather buy an apartment. Apparently, he just wanted to help when I had trouble. But we didn’t have a relationship: I didn’t like him.


I really love living alone. For a long time I rented a one-room apartment for 38 thousand rubles a month. Came - everything around is white, things are arranged in a certain order. But right now I can’t afford to rent decent housing, so I live with my friends for free. I eat mainly in the restaurant, as we have a good discount on all dishes. In those days when I do not work, I use the home delivery service from the Danilovsky market. I can spend 20-22 thousand rubles a month on food.

A big expense item is personal care. It takes 16-20 thousand. I need to do manicure and pedicure three times a month, periodically inject the filler into the nasolabial folds. Since I spend a lot of time on my feet, I need a pool and massage once a week. Now I switched to Korean cosmetics, once a month I pierce biorevitalization with a cosmetologist. Buying hair care, which I have enough for three months. I have already completed the course of laser hair removal. I was lucky with eyelashes and eyebrows - no need to build anything.

About 5 thousand it takes me to take care of my health. I buy dietary supplements: Omega-3, magnesium, potassium, vitamin D. I go to the dentist twice a year and take a general blood test.

I love good and expensive things, there was a time when I rode the hare in the subway and saved on food, but continued to wear silk underpants and went with Victoria Beckham bag. I mainly take clothes at sales or ask friends who travel to Europe to bring things from past collections. It used to be easier, in the store you ask the girls: "Please lose my size in the warehouse before the sale!" - and give them a thousand. You could buy boots for 12 thousand, shoes for 6 thousand. Now all stores have an online version and all products are kept records.

I go to work by taxi and come back too. I use the metro during the day, but you go in the evening: hair is laid, clean shoes, in a white blouse - and it’s hot, stuffy there, someone will definitely step on his foot. They also like to lean against beautiful girls. And I’m leaving late from work, it’s already scary to get on the subway. About 10 thousand are spent on transport for me.

All the rest is different expenses depending on the circumstances. Not so long ago, a friend who works in a travel agency, offered a burning ticket to Turkey. I didn’t even have money on the card, I had to send her cash with a taxi driver, although it was risky. This year I bought myself an iPhone. I can spend money on health - my own or my parents.

Watch the video: The "Real Life" of a Flight Attendant. Vlog 1. Flight home CANCELLED! (April 2020).

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