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Navalny’s presidential campaign, sexist ads about a bad mother and "Whack!"

Every weekend Life around collects the most interesting, popular, funny and strange materials for a week on the Russian and foreign Internet for those who do not have time to read on weekdays. In this issue - the first interview with Alexei Navalny after the start of the presidential campaign, another sexist advertisement, a short film about Kandinsky and a new meme.

# Bulk 2018

This week, Alexei Navalny, the politician and head of the Anti-Corruption Fund, announced his intention to run in the 2018 presidential election. In his program, Navalny promises to continue to fight corruption, to carry out judicial reform, to deprive the security forces, introduce a visa regime with the countries of Central Asia and establish a minimum wage level of 25 thousand rubles. After the launch of the campaign, an opposition politician gave an interview to the editor of Medusa, Alexander Gorbachev. They discussed controversial points of the program, a change in the image of Navalny, agitation in Chechnya and Donald Trump.


TJournal tells the story of the mega "Whack!", A little more than completely captured the Runet in the outgoing week. It turns out that there is a discouraged cat in a cap and with a magic wand, which with the sound "Whack!" can conjure any process, appeared back in 2013 on the English-speaking Internet. As often happens, the meme was forgotten for several years, but then found a second life in Russia. According to one version, the word "Vzhuh" was added to the picture by a user with the nickname Man-In Gabba.

Sexism in the New Year's video of the bank

Moscow Credit Bank shot a large-scale video on how important it is to not forget about family and children, making a career. The plot of social advertising caused a wave of indignation. In the story, Santa Claus abducts a business woman and drags her off-road for a long time to "remind me of the main thing" - that she has a daughter. The video became a new occasion to talk about the cult of violence and neglect of working women who are trying to raise children alone.

To that light and back

"Mediazone" has collected "reliable evidence of people who have officially visited the next world, have returned and are ready to confirm this postulate." In ticher you can find the stories of eight residents of the most different corners of our vast country - all these people were recognized as dead according to documents, while remaining quite alive. And everyone had to prove that it was too early to bury him.

How Former Nashi Sell Laser Rifles

The company’s secret tells the story of the business of the Tereschenkov brothers: in their youth they were activists of the pro-Kremlin Nashi movement, and then they decided to create their own business and launched the Laserwar company almost without money. Now it is the largest manufacturer of laser tag equipment in Russia (an analogue of paintball, only with laser guns) with an annual revenue of 80 million rubles. They supply products to 60 countries, including the United States, Germany and Qatar.

Ravshan Kurkova in the video "Three Witches"

Maxim Didenko, director of the immersive project "Black Russian", one of the main theatrical hits of the fall, shot a video for the folk song that was playing in the play. The video shows an alternative ending to Pushkin’s novel Dubrovsky, which is the basis of the production: Masha Troekurova (both in the play and in the video plays by Ravshan Kurkova) gives up the role of “virgins in trouble” and turns into Grace from Lars von Trier's “Dogville”.

By the way, the Black Russian team uploaded this and three more songs in the arrangements of composer Ivan Kushnir to iTunes.

Short "Yandex" about Kandinsky

Art criticism from Yandex to the 150th anniversary of Vasily Kandinsky: the main facts of the artist’s biography and an introduction to his theory of art. Everything would be fine if the opponents of the hero of the day - the constructivists - were not exposed as caricature leftists-dogmatists.

However, the funniest thing in this film is not the plot, but the visual solution. The frames with the actors were processed by neural networks trained in the avant-garde paintings: one work - one life stage.

Sherlock Season Trailer

After the appearance of this video on the Web, the fans of the series began to wonder who Holmes would confess to love - and whether it was a confession, not just a password. It is still unclear whether Professor Moriarty will return in the fourth season, but a new detective by the name of Calverton Smith flashes in the video. At first glance, the actor Toby Jones plays exactly the same villain as in the Marvel films about Captain America.

"Anastacia in the country of summer residents"

The Gorky site recalls deservedly forgotten books that can tell a lot about the world around us. Over the past week, the series "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" by Vladimir Megre entered the rubric. Writer and entrepreneur Vladimir Puzakov, who took a more sonorous name of his wife after marriage, published ten books about Anastasia, a girl from the remote Siberian taiga with unusual abilities like teleportation and clairvoyance, from 1996 to 2010.

Some readers liked Anastasia’s ideas and principles so much that they became her followers by joining the quasi-religious movement “Ringing Cedars of Russia”. Simply put, becoming anastasia. Many Anastasievites are still involved in the creation of "patrimonial estates", that is, family plots arranged according to certain rules. Megre actively supports them, regularly speaking at various events.

Trailer for Christopher Nolan's New Movie

In the summer of 2017, “Dunkirk” will be released - a new film by the director of “Beginnings” and “Interstellar”. She talks about the Dunkirk military operation of 1940, in which French, Belgian and British military units blocked by German soldiers near the French city of Dunkirk were evacuated by sea. Starring Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Killian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh.

Text: Nastya Kurgan, Anna Chesova, Anna Sokolova, Anton Khitrov, Kristina Safonova

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