Theater critics choose the main performances of the season in Moscow

The theater season started in Moscow, and with it the premieres of performances by major directors, the Territory and SOLO festivals, as well as new experiments on and off the stage. In order not to miss anything important, Life around asked theater critics Aleksey Krizhevsky, Alexei Kiselev and Grigory Zaslavsky where to go in the new season, which venues should be monitored most closely and what to look for in the programs of theater festivals.

Alexey Krizhevsky

theater journalist

First, you have to go to the “Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy” at the Theater of Nations. The performance will take place as part of the Territory festival, and this is a very significant thing for the Russian theater. The interpretation of the play by Vitold Gombrovich should be interesting, because Grzegorz Jazzyna is a real bunch of energy, one of the best European directors at the moment.

In the same theater, Philip Grigoryan staged A Clockwork Orange. Grigoryan is a visionary, director who loves strange visual and acting solutions. He is known for staging “Marriage” in the history of the novel by Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan, where he absolutely fantastically used them, one might say vulgar stardom, turning it inside out. I think the same with the Burgess text.

There is so much noise around the “Black Russian” that it is certainly worth going and making your own conclusions. The project is directed by a good director Maxim Didenko, and from this month star actors like Ravshana Kurkova and Artem Tkachenko are connecting in a good way. Anyway, there are so many interesting people around this performance that you can’t help but go.

You also must go to the "Democracy" in RAMT. This is a play about the German Chancellor, who fell into a spy scandal, based on a wonderful play by Michael Frein. It is very important to consider "democracy" in the context of RAMT, because it is a rather strange combination of a children's and youth repertoire with innovative things. In addition, Alexei Borodin is an absolutely amazing director, it was he who staged the nine-hour marathon "Utopia Coast."

The Moscow Art Theater is worth a visit to the production of Central Park West. Konstantin Bogomolov poses Woody Allen, and here you can expect anything. Bogomolov, as we know from his productions of “The Ideal Husband” and “The Idiot,” may not leave a stone unturned from the original plot, so he’ll probably push Allen too. Most likely, we will see exactly what should happen in a good theater, namely building a very fascinating director's decision on the material of the play.

Photo: Theater of Nations. Performance "Clockwork Orange"

The master of the physical theater Anton Adasinsky, founder of the DEREVO theater, staged the play "Mandelstam. The Wolfhound" at the Gogol Center as part of the Star cycle. The main role is Chulpan Khamatova, who continues to be not only a media figure, but also an extremely deep, gifted and non-popsy actress. The Zvezda cycle is, on the whole, a very interesting project that needs to be monitored. It is dedicated to the fate of five poets - Boris Pasternak, Osip Mandelstam, Anna Akhmatova, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Mikhail Kuzmin. All performances of the cycle are realized in one scenographic solution.

In the Meyerhold Center it is worth paying attention to the performance "Hotel California". Its director Sasha Denisova left journalism for drama and became famous for the play “Light My Fire”, where the fates of Soviet schoolchildren and Jim Morrison were crossed. Hotel California will be a continuation of this nostalgic ironic line, all the more so as heroes from the same era. The play tells about the good old days, but with a healthy grin and self-irony. This is important because, despite the fact that we did not find this era, it has a great influence on us.

In “Practice” they show “Candida” by Lisa Bondar, a very interesting performance of Brusnikin’s Workshop. Firstly, no one ever did Voltaire's arrangement in poetry, like the playwright poets Andrei Rodionov and Ekaterina Troepolskaya, who wrote for the performances “Happiness is just around the corner” and “Svan”. And in the case of Candida, it’s interesting to read one text. Secondly, absolutely wonderful artists of the Brusnikin Workshop joined the play, and the scenery was made by graduates of the British Higher School of Design who found fantastic visual solutions. In addition, "Practice" has long been a theater that staged exclusively modern plays about hipsters, businessmen and marginals, but now with the help of modern playwrights, she gradually turns to the classics.

The play "Chapaev and the Void", which the Brusnikins will stage in the same theater this fall, is also, in general, a classic. This Pelevin novel explained to the 90s Russians what time they live. You can expect a lot of good here, because Maxim Didenko, who put Black Russian and Pasternak at the Gogol Center, as well as Konarmia, is engaged in the performance. "Chapaev and the Void" is a text of such power that in the performance of talented people it instantly turns into the main must see of the season.
I put on this performance.

Alexey Kiselev


I would advise you not to chase the premieres. Let the hype go down, ticket prices will drop slightly, critics will write more different reviews. You can easily familiarize yourself with the main events of the last season: Kirill Serebrennikov’s Muller’s Machine in the Gogol Center, Konstantin Bogomolov’s Prince in Lenkom, Mindaugas Karbauskis’s Russian Novel at the Mayakovsky Theater. Finally get to the performances of Vsevolod Lisovsky in "Theater.doc".

In general, autumn is a period of international festivals, now in Moscow there are several at once, and all of them are interesting. We need to focus on them - simply because the premieres will go on quietly in their repertoire and further, and the festival performances, carefully selected for all of us, will be brought, shown and taken away. You should not miss “Away. Europe” by Rimini Protokoll, “Pixel” by Murad Merzuki, “Process” by Timofei Kulyabin and “Field” by Dmitry Volkostrelov in the “Territory”. At the festival "Stanislavsky Season" you need to watch the new Eymuntas Nyakroshyus - the play "Master of Hunger" by Kafka.

PhotoPhoto: Compagnia Pippo Delbono. Performance "Vangelo"

At the festival in the Obraztsov Theater they bring several interesting completely childish puppet shows. On October 12, Deni Laban goes to SOLO with his solo performance - the one who played the main role in Leo Carax's film "Holy Motors Corporation" (and, in general, Carax's favorite actor). And, of course, the NET festival is already the end of autumn. There, at a minimum, you need to wilderly rush into the rowdy Pippo Delbono with his production of Vangelo.

Grigory Zaslavsky

theater critic, acting rector of GITIS

Of course, I will go to Mark Zakharov in the Lenkom - he puts on "Day of the Oprichnik". It is also worth seeing the "Democracy" at RAMT, because it is an exciting political project.

I will definitely go to the first performance of Vladimir Pankov at the Center for Drama and Directing. I don’t know what it will be, and he himself probably doesn’t fully imagine, but it’s interesting what he will do as an artistic director.

Photo: RAMT. Performance "Democracy"

It’s necessary to go to the Bolshoi Theater to the ballet “Nuriev” by Kirill Serebrennikov, because his previous production of this kind, “Hero of Our Time”, was wonderful. This proves how the director is useful to the choreographer.

You also need to go to the “Candida” of the Brusnikinists, because when a new theater is born, they expect a lot from it. The fact that Brusnikin’s Workshop has existed for almost a year without performances is very dangerous and can put an end to the young theater if the actors feel abandoned. So Candide should become, in a certain way, a catalyst for a new wave of activity of the young theater.

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