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29 women's hats


She takes a headdress no less spectacular than a hat this fall turned into the main accessory of the season: brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Eugenia Kim and Stella McCartney released their own versions of all colors and sizes, followed by the mass market from H&M and Topshop to Zara and & Other Stories. The combination options, as usual, are endless: the classic beret will look great with a double-breasted coat and massive boots on a flat sole, and knitted with a pompom (look at Gucci for the source, copies can be found in the mass market) even with sports things like a voluminous parka - blankets. Do not forget about the classic win-win combinations: the scarlet turtleneck and black beret (or vice versa) look modest, but effective in any situation.

Gucci 16 000 rubles

Other options

Mango, 1 499 rubles

Asos 1 399 rubles

Topshop, 1 599 rubles

Pieces, 1,000 rubles

Urban Outfitters, 1,500 rubles

American Apparel, 1,500 rubles

Beanie or turban hat

A tight-fitting beanie is an obvious choice for those who plan to join in all the traditional outdoor activities this winter: in addition to the fact that the hat goes well with a classic parka or sports jacket, you won’t be able to lose it, even if you fly off the ice from the mountain. At the same time, such a model is suitable for almost everyone. And those who are worried about styling should look for a large-knitted hat with lapels or a turban that does not cover the forehead. The most interesting models - those made of velvet or colored velvet - can be used not only as a functional winter accessory, but also as a complement to a dress made of thick velvet or a translucent blouse with a high collar that is relevant this fall.

Stella McCartney, 10 000 rubles

Other options

Mango, 999 rubles

Wood wood, 4 000 rubles

Monki, 999 rubles

A. P. C., 5 500 rubles

Asos 1,000 rubles

Asos 1 333 rubles

Hat with pompom

A hat with a fluffy pompom should also not be discounted: it looks good with any outerwear from a frankly sports jacket to a strict coat or a fur coat of colored fur. Do not be afraid of unexpected colors: bright accessories will dilute the monochrome look and cheer you up and those around you. The only exception is the catchy acid colors, which are still better left to the younger sister, a schoolgirl.

Eugenia Kim, 12 000 rubles 

Other options

Zara 499 rubles

Asos 1 333 rubles

Whistles 4 999 rubles

Fur hat

In place of the original Russian headdress, earflaps, in the new season, berets, hoods and tight-fitting hats made of fluffy fur returned. Even expensive fur models are most often made of modacryl rather than astrakhan, sable or silver fox, which, in general, is quite logical: in a moderately cool Moscow winter, faux fur will warm no worse than natural.

Unlike a beanie and a hat with a pompom, a fluffy fur model should not be tried to make friends with a bright parka or a walking jacket. Otherwise, there are no restrictions.

Karl Donoghue, 13 500 rubles

Other options

Zara 2 599 rubles

Next, 1 199 rubles

Ted Baker 4,500 rubles


It is difficult to call a hat a practical accessory, nevertheless it is the easiest and most inexpensive way to make an image spectacular and memorable. If long walks and heavy wind are not expected in the near future, feel free to put on a wool bowler hat or fedora with a contrast tape. The benefit of finding a model for every taste and wallet this fall is not difficult. In Mango and Zara, you should go for simple hats of safe colors, Ted Baker, Whistles and & Other Stories will find models bolder, for example, with very wide or asymmetric fields.

Rag & Bone, 15 500 rubles

Other options

Mango, 2 999 rubles

& Other Stories, 3 000 rubles

Brixton 2 320 rubles

Zara 2 299 rubles

Whistles 6 666 rubles

Ted Baker 4 333 rubles

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