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Finding in the New Year's bustle exactly what is really worth putting under the Christmas tree is not an easy task. Life around, in collaboration with various brands, makes short gift lists so that you have a little less need for searches and a little more time for pleasant preparations.

Self-employed Housekeeper Pro

Robot vacuum cleaner Scout RX1 Red

The intelligence of this outstanding device will lead an unprepared observer to amazement: thanks to the Smart Navigation system, it removes dirt and dust even from hard-to-reach places, without missing a single corner and carefully avoiding obstacles. Thanks to the timer, it will start cleaning on time - even if no one is at home.

Coffee Suite for Two

Coffee machine CM 6110

Thanks to the OneTouch for Two function, you can make coffee for two at once. All parameters are set individually - from the degree of grinding to the brewing temperature.

Uncompromising fighter with dust

Vacuum cleaner Complete C3 Brilliant PowerLine SGJA0

The model has many functional advantages. One of them is the AirClean filtration system, which purifies the air, destroying up to 99.9% of fine dust.

Drying guru with a whole bunch of benefits

Dryer TMV 840 WP

This energy-efficient appliance ensures even drying and gentle laundry care, while the FragranceDos system adds a pleasant aroma to your clothes.

Thousands of washing blockbuster

Washing machine WMV 960 WPS

Dealing with this washing machine is like watching a high-budget movie with special effects. What does one PowerWash 2.0 system cost, which allows washing up to 40% * more economically. Add steaming in the drum, the TwinDos system for the right dosage, a long guarantee of service - and you get the whole picture.

Ironing tutor for dandy and cover girls

Ironing system FashionMaster 2.0

Ironing table, iron and steam generator combined in one convenient compact device. An iron with a honeycomb non-stick sole and a vapor pressure of 4 bars will help smooth out literally everything - from a shirt to a dress with rhinestones. The included vertical steamer is an indispensable item for working with delicate fabrics.

Master for all cups and glasses

Dishwasher G 6900 SCi

A retractable 3D cutlery tray is the trump card of this model. Convenient Knock2open function: the door opens automatically if you double-tap it.

Soloist of large and small dishes

Solo Steamer DG 6010

The main function of this appliance is to cope with steam cooking perfectly. Pluses - three levels for cooking and individual programs.

A friend whose door is always open

Wine rack KWT 6832 SGS

Dynamic cooling system, several temperature zones, tinted glass with a UV filter and a set of sommeliers - your glass of Riesling, Chardonnay or Bordeaux will not fail.

Unique cooking 2-in-1

Double boiler with microwave DGM 6800

If you have ever wondered whether to be in your home a double boiler or microwave, then the answer is found. MultiSteam technology for even steam distribution ensures error-free cooking, and seven microwave power levels allow you to quickly defrost food and heat dishes.


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