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The vast majority: What is it like to live in Russia in 2014

This Friday, the State Duma completed the spring-summer session, filled with scandalous bills and bans that will seriously affect business and public life in Russia. In this regard, H&F decided to figure out what sentiments prevail among Russian citizens in recent months, and selected the most important results of sociological research. However, the editors recall that any statistics should be treated critically.

78% of Russians

feel happy

At the same time, 59% of the country's citizens look to the future with concern, and only 17% of Russians believe that the country is developing steadily.

73% of Russians

convinced that in the country

it is impossible to honestly become rich. At the same time, 62% of the population are confident that the activity of small and medium-sized businesses is in Russia's favor.

Only 1/3 of Russians

set aside savings

and store money for a rainy day.
Moreover, 2/3 of respondents
advocate the creation of a national payment system instead of Visa
and MasterCard.

70% of Russians

don't speak foreign

languages, as many do not have a passport and have never traveled outside the CIS. 20% of citizens want to emigrate, but less than 1% suggest some steps to leave.

72% of Russians

approve censorship in the media

and consider that in the interests of the state it is permissible to remain silent or distort information. 32% do not support the new territorial acquisitions of Russia (but cannot talk about it).

57% of Russians


that opposition is necessary for the normal functioning of the political system.
50% of Russians believe that such an opposition exists in Russia.

48% of Russians

don't have a party

which would express their interests
in parliament. 39% of citizens
they don’t understand at all why political parties are needed in modern Russia.

75% of Russians

consider that level

corruption in Russia does not change and remains stably high. Nevertheless, 58% of Russian youth continue to dream of an authoritarian leader.

86% of Russians

approve of the policy of Vladimir Putin

in June 2014. At the same time, 78% of citizens believe
that he is fully or significantly obligated
be responsible for the extent of corruption
in the highest echelons of power.

Data sources: Levada Center, VTsIOM, FOM, Vedomosti

Cover photo: RIA; 1 - Vladimir Varfolomeev, 2 - Dmitry Ryzhkov, 3 - Mikhail Koninin, 4 - Fotobank GettyImages

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