Call manicure: How does a beauty salon work without a room

Choosing which business to open, Natalya Alshanova came up with the concept of a mobile beauty salon and found out that she was not alone. This model is used by several companies in the market. Alshanova acquired a franchise from one of them in the hope of support and good advice from a partner.


After six months of work, she terminated the contract and decided to do everything herself. Since then, salon revenue has grown more than 10 times. Now the turnover of Alshanova is 150,000 rubles per month.


Beauty saloon



800 000 rubles


year 2012




Natalya Alshanova

Owner of Stilistimo Mobile Beauty Salon


How to start a business

For several years I worked in business journalism, in Kommersant, Izvestia, and other publications. Quite the same type of work at some point bored me. I came to the office, realized that "I am not here", packed my things and quit. I managed to accumulate a certain amount of money, I sold the car and decided to open my own business.

I was afraid to act alone, so I began to look for offers to purchase a franchise. I needed a business so that the rental costs were not very high and that it suited my character and hobbies. I like to lead, work with staff, I was attracted to the service sector. I chose a model of mobile beauty salons. There are few of them on the market - the choice of partners was small. I agreed with a company offering a franchise, registered a private entrepreneur, started working and realized that I was in vain afraid of starting a business alone.

I created a salon for Zelenograd, my hometown, the features of which I know well, and immediately began to adjust the franchisee's rules to the specifics of the city. I made an emphasis on the Internet: I created accounts on social networks, started blogging on LJ about my startup.

The end of the relationship

I worked on franchising from the end of October 2012 to March 2013. I paid 100,000 rubles for the franchise and, according to its conditions, I had to pay 10,000 rubles per month for supporting the business - consulting and using the logo. Buying a franchise, I hoped for clear instructions that would regulate all the steps - to promote, to increase sales, to hire staff. I wanted to feel the support of the franchise owner. Of course, there were consultations, but their quality did not suit me. The administrator sent me banners with typos and stylistic errors. They didn’t even hear about SEO optimization and contextual advertising - they advised me to figure it out myself if necessary. My sales grew very slowly, on New Year's Eve, in the peak season, I earned 15,000 rubles, and it seemed to me that this was a lot.

At the general conference of partners, I expressed my complaints. The owner of the franchise politely asked me to shut up, and then called back and started scolding me for having “disgraced” her at all. Meanwhile, other franchisees began calling me for advice.

At some point, I just broke off this contract, changed the name of the groups on the networks, made a new website and continued to work alone. Termination was painful. It seemed to me that there should be no complaints from the franchisor. But she is still threatened by the courts for the fact that I opened the exit salon. It's funny, because it wasn’t her who invented such a system. And I found her precisely because I was looking for the opportunity to open such a salon.


When the money ran out and I began to think about the effectiveness of advertising, sales began to grow


Money and Promotion

The opening of the salon cost me 800,000 rubles, although it was possible to keep within a much smaller amount, and this would be much better for the business. The mobile salon does not need a room, you do not need to buy expensive professional chairs, equip the master’s workplace - my masters have everything: their tools and cosmetics.

Most of the investments went into the promotion of the cabin. I gave a lot of advertising, paid from 2,000 to 15,000 rubles for publication or the ability to put a banner. I opened an IP through an intermediary company, ordered the most expensive print, and bought all the masters a special uniform, which they later did not wear, because it was not very convenient. Printed (as I later realized) leaflets in an expensive printing house. She paid for promoters, advertised about finding personnel in local newspapers (2,000-3,000 rubles per publication), posted on lightboxes of taxis - more than 100,000 rubles. It was placed on coupons, set very low prices and paid to the masters herself. It seemed to me, the more expensive, the steeper, so I did not save at all. Nevertheless, the effect was weak. But just when the money ran out and I began to think about the effectiveness of advertising, sales began to grow.

I took up social networks very actively: held quizzes, contests, uploaded photos of interesting hairstyles. This attracted a young audience of Zelenograd - local salons do not always pay attention to the Internet. I realized that I wasted my money on business cards. Business cards in the first stage are needed in order to wallow around. But it was not in vain that she printed leaflets that were laid out in mailboxes. For local businesses, this is the easiest and most effective way to promote.

There are simply salons on the market, and there are beauty salons named after someone - as a rule, the main stylist of this place. He puts his talent into business, and professionals are engaged in marketing. I myself am not a master, but at the same time I am not just an administrator, but the face of the salon. My photo is on the main page of the site, I lead social networks. My function is to organize the process, to control quality and promote ideology. I am interested in combining the beauty industry and mobility.

Customers & Revenue

The most frequent orders come from mothers with babies who cannot stay away from home for a long time, and from brides. There are corporate clients: on March 8, we were ordered as a gift to employees of one company.

Now we are doing everything from manicure to California highlighting, there is a facial massage. Experience leads me to think about the need to narrow the range of services. For example, a massage was ordered only a few times. Hence, it can be crossed out. The main sources of income are hairstyles and nail care (especially pedicures).


150 000-160 000 rubles are obtained per month, a little more than half of this amount goes to the masters and the administrator, the rest -
my personal profit


About 300,000 people live in Zelenograd. On a day, we now serve two to four customers, the average check is 1,000 rubles. Plus a month, about seven brides order salon services, the average price for styling and makeup with rehearsal is 7,500 rubles.

150,000-160,000 rubles are obtained per month, a little more than half of this amount goes to the masters and the administrator, the rest is my personal profit. It is important to say that private masters charge less for leaving home than for working in a hairdressing salon, and our average bill is close to the price of a procedure in a regular salon. That is, the masters do not lose anything.

Work specifics

Private craftsmen traveling to clients' homes are not uncommon. Almost all hairdressers practice this service, many manicure specialists, cosmetologists. Home depilation is more difficult.

It is even more difficult to quickly find a good private master, if your busy, and you need a hairstyle. Among the masters there are sloppy, punctual, greedy. I understood this well when I selected staff through job search sites and through acquaintances. With each employee, I not only conducted interviews, but also tested their services on myself. This is the best selection method.

Now I have 21 masters in the asset, they all work part-time. Masters come in a special form, give the client a price and a discount coupon, that is, they bring the spirit of the salon with them. We have a guarantee system: if the client is dissatisfied and demands a refund, we will return them and send another wizard to remake everything for free.

After ordering, we will definitely call customers back. The administrator is interested in: "Well, how do you like the new hair color?" I try to ask these questions in a friendly, slightly playful tone, the client should feel that he is a member of a special club.

"How can you control me on the order?" - A fairly common question from the masters in the interview process. I use a trivial, but effective "mystery shopper" system: the front client himself asks for the master’s personal business card. Each master passed the test in this way. So I managed to ignite one master, but I doubted her honesty from the beginning. Over time, I started already at the interview stage to weed out those with whom there will be problems.


We are already going to Moscow. Almost staffed by specialists in each district. I want to break the masters into districts and metro lines, now we are training. It does not require investment. The opening of franchising and the search for investments in our plans. First, test the model in a large city.


Watch the video: Pedicure at Salon. Cocoon Salon (April 2020).

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